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Sukuseuran sivut on siirretty Joomlasta Pluck-ohjelmistoalustalle, joka on kevyempi ylläpitää.
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Clara hello and welc

Clara hello and welcome to Confident Writing. I'm glad you like the sound of esiaetsnl writing let's see where it takes us Karen sharing things that are more personal is an interesting balancing act as you've been exploring in your posts on transparency. It's a way of being truthful, really saying what matters without giving up our privacy and guarding that which also mattersBo well I have some of your work in mind as I prepare it fragments of poems, wabi sabi photographs, how you frame and share the essence of thingsKathy hello thanks for jumping in, and the promise of further participation. I hope the exploration over the next few months helps you find the focus and direction you're looking for.
I am so excited to h

I am so excited to hear you are home! In Christ alone is one of my fatriove songs... whenever we sing it in church i am reminded in whose power we stand, most definitely not our own , like the world is constantly telling us.



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